Our Story

Looking through the plethora of men’s clothing brands out there left us with a sense of wanting something more. We felt that although the brands differentiated amongst each other there were none that made an impact.

This led us to create a brand that would stand out, one that has the right amount of panache to set you apart, one that you feel proud of wearing, one that instills a feeling of confidence so that you can conquer the moment.

The next step was to come up with a name that spoke to the very essence of what we were building. We were drawn to the words Purple Stitch.

Purple – a color that has historically been associated with royalty, something that you will feel like in our apparel.

Stitch – the smallest and most important element of any clothing.

Designed with attention to even the smallest detail, combining luxurious fabrics with unique design elements, our clothes bear the unmistakable mark of a man who knows his worth.

We at Purple Stitch strive to provide you with the apparel to make every chance count, to help you create an impression - to be One Amongst Many.